La Passagère : Bed and Breakfast and Classic Cars Vichy France

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It would be such a shame to keep them hidden away in a garage, especially as this is one of the nicest places ever to explore in a classic car!We would like to welcome you to our guest house located near Vichy, France. Dating back to the 1930’s, our house is steeped in history and retains all its original character and charm.

We are also passionate about vintage cars, and have a brace of ten classic cars from the 50’s to 70’s available for rental.

You can spend a few days in one of our guest rooms and there is also the possibility to enhance your stay by taking to the wheel of one of our cars. You can even change cars every day!

We’re looking forward to sharing our house with you, and perhaps even more so this beautiful part of the world. We’re so lucky to have the mountains, countryside, lakes and of course the good taste of the land and wine!

We feel that the use of our vintage cars is a unique and complimentary offer to add to our residential packages.

Alternatively, you can rent a classic car without staying with us, perhaps for a wedding, a celebration, as a corporate incentive, or just for fun .